Holistic Retirement Community in Mexico - Crowdfunding Project

+Wings of Love, Inc. | Press Release

LAS VEGAS, NV.- Some American Young Entrepreneurs contacted the Wings of Love, Inc.'s Public Relations team to present a nonprofit project to build a Holistic Retirement Community for old people in a peaceful mini-village at the southern area of Mexico City. The idea is to provide seniors from the North American region a nice place to live in a safe, naturist way.

Rich people have their resorts to spend vacations and retirement time -- said one of these entrepreneurs, but middle class and less favored persons do not. So this place would be sponsored by donors interested in grandparents who can not afford luxurious resorts, but they deserve a new way of life, according to the project's developers.

The entrepreneurs mentioned they do not want to publicly disclose their identities before the project is going on. However, they would like Wings of Love to join their plans.

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