Global Cures, a New Hope for Cancer Patients

+Wings of Love Inc.

Lora Freeman Williams, health writer, speaker and entrepreneur based in Massachusetts, recently became a Cancer patients' advocate after she experienced the hard path of illness. She's doing very well in her recovery journey, and one of her good news is that she joined the U.S.-based not-for-profit, Global Cures.
The Wings of Love, Inc. nonprofit organization is spotting Lora's and Global Cures' commitment to offer a new hope for Cancer patients. Their site provides free information to cancer patients on science based off-label medications, supplements, lifestyle and dietary recommendations to improve cancer outcomes and prolong life. Lora is inviting to share this information with anyone you know who may be fighting cancer. Lora Freeman Williams said: "I can quite enthusiastically say that finding that organization helped me to find hope and empowerment, and I'm happy to share that resource with anyone who might find it useful." <<>> Follow us: @wingsofloveinc