Our #YoungEntrepreneurs Program: Training Our Teenagers to Solve Problems in a Creative Way

+Wings of Love, Inc. | Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Some people use to ask us why did we decide to support young entrepreneurs, instead of focus our charitable actions to rescue people from the streets or any other destitute groups, in order to relieve their suffering.

We've explained that although there are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the United States committed to altruism, one of the greatest humanitarian gestures to ease collective hardships, and we've been done our part for almost two decades; it is time to prevent social vulnerability by training our teenagers to solve problems in a creative way.

Businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote in his book Time to get though: Making America #1 Again: "One of my favorite parts of business is seeing how work transforms people into better, more confident, more competent individuals."

Early in February 2016, the secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mentioned at a PBS Democratic debate in Wisconsin that one of the most distressing social issues in our country is generational poverty, which implies alcoholism, drugs addiction, and earlier deaths... And we need to solve it as soon as possible.

More recently, the senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said: "In the United States of America, poverty is often a death sentence." It may sounds like political frightening to get fearful voters' support. However, the politician's words are true: Poor youngsters involved in illegal activities and crime, just because they didn't realize that opportunities to improve ourselves and our world are always at our hand, but only a few grab them, is becoming a common story in our country. Many juvenile offenders have an deadly end, killed by other criminals, or shot by the police.

That is not the American society that our ancestors dreamed about. Hence, Wings of Love, Inc. is determined to increase the health, wealth, wisdom and freedom in our country by empowering creative, industrious kids through entrepreneurship mentoring.

Wings of Love, Inc. does not give kids money away to alleviate poverty. We mentor them on how to develop great ideas that help our youngsters to solve their own problems at the time they enhance the life of their families and friends, and the way of living of entire communities.

Through our #YoungEntrepreneurs nonprofit program, we aim to create a virtuous circle to prevent social problems linked to poverty before they exist, and we need your help to accomplish this enormous challenge.

Wouldn't you feel safer in neighborhoods full of great small businesses managed by cool kids, than crossing the streets among unpromising school dropouts in a skid row?

Wings of Love, Inc. is currently managing 3 crowdfunding campaigns for our #YoungEntrepreneurs Nonprofit Program and a permanent fundraising action. Please donate. Five dollars make a difference between a trained youngster who is ready to solve his/her community difficulties through a profitable enterprise, and a wasted young life in poverty, drugs and crime.

Your donation is actually your investment in a new socially responsible business:

Can't donate? Just spread the word with your contacts.

More info: www.wingsofloveinc.net