Anti-Swine Flu Awareness Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The Wings of Love, Inc. Non Profit Foundation is working on a "Anti-Swine Flu" awareness campaign focused to empoverished groups worldwide. We have started to work providing face masks to private managed havens for homeless people in some of the main cities in the Americas.

Face masks were donated by local companies so Wings of Love, Inc. volunteers are visiting havens to explain managers and homeless people the importance of follow some basic hygiene rules to prevent illness.

This "Anti-Swine Flu" awareness campaign is permanent until the World Health Organization (WHO) keeps alert on Pandemic Influenza H1N1 commonly known as swine flu, so Wings of Love, Inc. Non Profit Foundation will always welcome support from companies interested in supporting this awareness campaign to extend it to more people in risk (poor pregnant women, old people, HIV-infected people, etc.).

The idea in this "Anti-Swine Flu" awareness campaign is to reduce the number of sick people worldwide, by taking basic prevention measures like wearing face masks and washing hands when individuals are exposed to Influenza H1N1 infection risk.

The Wings of Love, Inc. Non Profit Foundation awareness campaign is focused to the use of face masks because they could reduce the transmission of influenza in some specific enclosed spaces, like havens for homeless people, orphan houses, nursing homes for elderly, etc.

However, according to the WHO, the advice on the use of face masks in health-care settings should be accompanied by information on additional measures that may have impact on its effectiveness, such as training on correct use, regular supplies and proper disposal facilities.

The WHO alerts that using a mask incorrectly may actually increase the risk of transmission, rather than reduce it. So, if face masks are to be used, "this measure should be combined with other general measures to help prevent the human-to-human transmission of influenza, training
on the correct use of masks and consideration of cultural and personal values." That's what Wings of Love, Inc. Non Profit Foundation is promoting in this "Anti-Swine Flu" Awareness Campaign.

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