Wings of Love, Inc. Signs Petition to Support Policies for Women's Empowerment

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Wings of Love, Inc. signed today a petition to the United States Congress, promoted by CARE foundation, requesting legislators to "support policies that help empower women and girls worldwide so they can create a brighter, healthier and more prosperous future for themselves, their families and their communities."

The petition was signed by Mr. Roome Hameed, Founder, Honorary President and Administrative Director at Wings of Love, Inc.

Wings of Love, Inc. is pleased to share with our friends, sponsors and followers this petition that conmemorates the first century of the International Women's Day. Please, help CARE to get one thousand signatures. Deadline to deliver petition to Congress is March 31, 2011. <<>>

Twitter: @wingsofloveinc 


Do you live in California? Please, help little Ronan to save his life!!

Dear friends, 

Some of you we have had the chance to speak to, most of you we haven't. We are in need of a huge favor and hope that you will help.

Our toddler son, Ronan, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia this January. He has a rare form of it and will need a bone marrow transplant. This could save his life. We are holding a bone marrow drive on his third birthday, Saturday March 5th, 2011 at the Lions Center East, Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA from 10 am - 2 pm. We are asking you to please come and be tested to see if you are a match for Ronan. It is not a blood test, just a cheek swab. The age requirements are 18 - 60 years of age. There is no charge to be tested.

Please tell as many people as you can. Bring your friends, family, and neighbors with you. Tell your church, groups, organizations. Anyone and everyone you can think of. Post it on Facebook as often as you can. Ask your friends to do the same. We are attaching a flyer for the event that has all of the information, including information for those of you who are not in the area or who can not make it to the bone marrow drive. A kit can be mailed to you. Please act on this as soon as you can. Please feel free to use this poster to post online, email it to your contacts and post it or hand it out anywhere you can think of. We are already searching for a match for Ronan.

We are expecting a second son in April and are hoping this is not something he will have also, but will not know for sure until he is here.

Ronan is an amazing, intelligent, gorgeous, smart little boy who loves life. We just love him so much. He wants to go into space and see the moon and stars. We want more than anything to give him a chance at living a long, wonderful life, but we need your help. Words can not express how grateful we are for your support. We hope to see you there, and thank you so much for helping us fight for our son's life.

Love and gratitude,

Rachel & Nick Godfrey.
(909) 579-9212